Laboratory “Operation and servicing the lifting and transport equipment”

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new complex of laboratories “Operation and servicing the lifting and transport equipment” at resource center “Minsk State vocational school № 7”. The laboratory includes the following equipment: NTC-09.08 “Actual elevator model”; NTC-09.08.1 “Elevator control station”; NTC-09.08.2 “Winch drive”; NTC-09.08.3 “Door operating gear Frequency converter- Asynchronous motor”; NTC-09.08.4 […]

Laboratory “Smart House”

One more perspective innovative project implemented at the Polytechnic College in Nur-Sultan city, Kazakhstan – “Smart Home” laboratory has started a new academic year for us. Specialists of NTP “Centr” carried out commissioning of training laboratory equipment, and also conducted a course of practical training on working with it for the teaching staff of the […]

Oil and Gas Instustry

Our catalogue has been expanded with a new section – Oil and Gas Industry. There you can find various training systems that allow to explore: hydraulic processes and technologies used in oil and gas industry; gas transportation, storage and consumption systems; operational equipment and safety systems for gas equipment.

GESS Dubai 2020

We’ve participated in the international exhibition of educational technologies GESS Dubai 2020, 25-27 February 2020. The annual exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Education of the UAE and is a leading platform in the Middle East intended for demonstrating the products and services necessary for the education of the future. At the expo we […]

Modernization of Laboratories in Saudi Arabia

NTP Centr, together with Future Technology Trading Corporation (FTCO) – official representative in Saudi Arabia, held a training seminar and presented training systems for occupational health and safety at the College of Engineering and Industry 4.0 Innovation Center. The meeting focused on the possibilities of modernizing laboratories under the plan of the Department of Industrial […]

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