Laboratory “Operation and servicing the lifting and transport equipment”

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new complex of laboratories “Operation and servicing the lifting and transport equipment” at resource center “Minsk State vocational school № 7”. The laboratory includes the following equipment: NTC-09.08 “Actual elevator model”; NTC-09.08.1 “Elevator control station”; NTC-09.08.2 “Winch drive”; NTC-09.08.3 “Door operating gear Frequency converter- Asynchronous motor”; NTC-09.08.4 […]

Laboratory “Smart House”

One more perspective innovative project implemented at the Polytechnic College in Nur-Sultan city, Kazakhstan – “Smart Home” laboratory has started a new academic year for us. Specialists of NTP “Centr” carried out commissioning of training laboratory equipment, and also conducted a course of practical training on working with it for the teaching staff of the […]

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